ये आंटी अपने आप को एक पार्टी का नेता कहती है, गुंडागर्दी तो देखिये आंटी जी की !

आंटीजी का वीडियो वायरल होना बनता है ! ये वीडियो वायरल होना चाहिए पूरे देश में ! अब जनता ये नहीं सहेगी !


Everyone is aware of the fact that how politicians take advantage of the power and status in UP and the SP leaders seem to be very efficient at this. They do not follow any rules and regulations, does not listen to anyone and do whatever they feel like.

In this video you can clearly see, how a member of Samajwadi Party is refusing to pay toll and is trying to take advantage of her political status and power. She does not even talk properly to the people asking for toll.