आमिर खान और शाहरुख़ खान जैसे लोगों को भी ये देखकर अपने आप पर शर्म आ जाएगी !

मीडिया ने हमसे ये सब छिपाया ! क्या हम सोशल मीडिया के ज़रिये इस सच्चाई को फैला सकते हैं ? हर भारतीय तक इस काली सच्चाई को पहुंचाए ! ज़रूर शेयर करे !


Every Indian must be remembering the Dadri incident of Uttar Pradesh where a man was allegedly lynched to death for consuming beef. The man’s name was Mohammed Akhlaq and this was enough to trigger what was called the “intolerance movement”.

But here today we have a clear example of the media’s bias and the theatrical politics of these politicians and intellectuals. West Bengal is burning for over a week now but not a single word has been uttered by these people. West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee is also mum on this. No Bollywood celebrity has also dared to talk on this.

Our media is also playing blind and has refrained from covering these riots. So here we have today Kajal Trivedi who will expose these tactics and show you what is going on in West Bengal at the moment.